So yesterday I was invited to an event which was held by one of famous local brand here ( gonna talk about it as soon as I can). As women, we always know that we ALWAYS do have the LAST MINUTE OUTFIT DRAMA. ALWAYS.
Just like I did, I picked a tartan outfit but end up with this cause I always prefer leather!. It never fails! It gives us an edgy yet an expensive look. I like that.
And because it is winter, I kinda wanted to give some outfit ideas for the hijabis who have winter where they live!. 

Since this is my first ever fashion post, I tell you now that I don't always wear something expensive, I always wear something comfortable. That's why you will find a lot of 'no brand' here. Don't worry! I will always give you the link of the similar ones tho! <3.

But I forgot to zip it :"((((((

Im sorryyy my pictures are not in good quality, I only used my cellphone to took them. I am saving up to buy a nice camera :).

Outfit details;

  1. Tan trench coat-  it was my mom's, similar option below
  2. Burgundy turtle neck  similar option below
  3. Skinny jeans  similar option below
  4. Bag  similar option below
  5. Shoes- ZARA Genuine leather ankle boots but discontinued similar option below



So should I make another fashion post or I should not? Comment down below!


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